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You Are What You Eat, and What Your Bacteria Absorb

Dr. Goddard of the Ursinus Biology Department hosted Dr. Pamela J. Hornby, PhD AGAF, virtually for her presentation “Cultivating the Gut: Microbiome and Metabolism.”

Dr. Hornby is prominent researcher in the area of gut health, specifically relating to metabolism and the microbiome. After first earning her bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, she moved to the United States, earning a PhD in physiology from the University of Kentucky. Afterwards, she participated in post-doctoral research at the Center for Brain Research University in New York, before, she admits, her career path turned unexpectedly toward pharmacology while working as a research associate at Georgetown University Medical School. Since then, she has worked both in academia as well as the pharmaceutical industry. Her leadership at Janssen Research and Development, here in Pennsylvania, led to the development of Viberzi®, a drug that treats patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Outside of her own research, Dr. Hornby serves on Advisory Boards, Peer Review Panels, and roles in the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. Additionally, her range and reputation as a noted scientist is also realized by over one hundred publications in respected journals.

To learn more about Dr. Hornby and her research, watch the full seminar here.

She encourages you to contact her for any questions about her research and also emphasizes that she willing to assist you as a career development contact! Get in touch with Dr. Goddard for her email.

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