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Learn about the new Digital Studies minor

A new minor has emerged at Ursinus: the Digital Studies minor. This minor is interdisciplinary and allows students of any major to easily incorporate it into their schedule. 

Digital Studies teaches students how to better understand a variety of digital programs and empowers them to utilize technology in a way that enhances their learning and helps them communicate better in an increasingly digital world.

The requirements for the major include taking the new DIGS 200 (Introduction to Digital Studies) course, one course navigating digital methods, one course within a discipline that incorporates digital tools, one project-based course, and an additional experience (including, but not limited to, being a DLA Fellow, completing a relevant internship or participating in Summer Fellows).

To learn more about the Digital Studies minor, listen to the DLA Fellows speak with Christine Iannicelli, co-coordinator of the Digital Studies minor, on their new Myrin Monthly podcast.

You can also visit the Digital Studies minor website or contact co-coordinators Christine Iannicelli (ciannicelli@ursinus.edu) or Kara McShane (kmcshane@ursinus.edu) directly.

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