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Library and IT Launches Team Dynamix

On April 26, Library and Information Technology Department announced the campus launch of TeamDynamix, a new ticket reporting and tracking system. 

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to visit https://requests.ursinus.edu to see LIT’s new Service Catalog and submit requests for all things Library and IT related. Here, you will learn about all of the LIT services available, get quick answers to common problems, and find a form to request assistance that will get your questions to the right people. Additionally, and as always, you can still submit e-mails to TechSupport@Ursinus.edu which will be entered into the system. Note that you will now receive emails about your Library & IT service requests and incidents from TicketReplies@ursinus.edu.

This new system helps LIT keep better track of individual and campus-wide questions, and they will be building a Knowledge Base over time that will help provide quick answers for common problems.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to TechSupport@Ursinus.edu with any questions or comments. You may also find it helpful to watch the April 9, 2021 Lunch & Learn recording on TeamDynamix at Ursinus College.

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