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Psychology students presented with “Faculty Prize in Psychology”awards!

This year the Psychology Department had no shortage of stellar students to recognize! The Faculty Prize in Psychology award was presented to three students, Miranda Rossi, Julianna Berardi and Erica Best, each Psychology Rock Stars! The awards were presented by Ursinus College’s Department of Psychology faculty in recognition of outstanding academic achievement.

Comments from the department faculty regarding each of these students were accolades from Dr. Reinka such as:

“Julianna Berardi is the kind of student who makes me wish our paths crossed earlier, if only so I could have the privilege of watching her intellectual development. Every class she’s in, she is a joy: she thinks and writes at a graduate school-level, she asks persistent and meaningful questions, and she makes connections to the material that I have never thought of. I can’t wait for 5-, 10-, or 20-years from now when I hear her name crop up as a new UN ambassador or founder of an international non-profit, and I can say, “I knew her when.”

“Randi Rossi’s quiet intelligence has been a pleasure to see flourish. From her sweet spirit to her excellent writing, Randi is a student I not only enjoy having in class but look forward to talking to in the moments before and after, as well. She has the ability to speak about tough topics (inequality, prejudice) with grace, and the passion to fight against such injustices. Randi may not always be the first to speak in a discussion, but the light in her eyes betrays a constant churning of her curiosities that makes her presence a delight. Randi will be a force for good in a world that so desperately needs it.”

Dr. Winegar says of Erica Best, “They are a dancer, and their intellectual spirit reflects that.” Professor McCain, Erica’s advisor in Theater & Dance adds “Erica is a tremendously driven and dedicated student. Since arriving at Ursinus, Erica has exhibited a high level of focused academic inquiry, always going the full distance to complete projects and assignments with remarkable depth in critical thinking and analysis. Erica’s high standards of achievement are evident through their three-year path to graduation. I am confident Erica will go forward in the world and raise the bar for those around them in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue!”

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