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Psychology Faculty Recognize Stellar Students!

The Faculty of the Psychology Department is pleased to announce their annual awards and the laudable recipients for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The Professor George C. Fago Prize was awarded to Grace Sullivan. Endowed by George Bause 1977, this award is to be awarded to a graduating psychology major who has excellent scholarship in psychology and acceptance to a graduate school of social work, criminology or criminal justice. The qualifying recipient was Grace Sullivan.

The Leadership/Citizenship Award was presented to Chase Opperman. This award was presented to the graduating psychology major who has demonstrated extraordinary service to the department, college, and/or community.

The Psychology Department Scholarship Award was presented to Morgan Sotoloff. The criteria for this award is a graduating psychology major who has demonstrated outstanding research and scholarship and who intends on pursuing research in graduate school or the field.

The Psi Chi Excellence in Psychology Award was presented to a graduating psychology major who has demonstrated excellence in academics, research, and service. Emily Harris has certainly checked off all of those boxes.

Finally, the Faculty Prize in Psychology went to three deserving Psychology students, Miranda Rossi, Julianna Berardi and Erica Best. This award was presented by Ursinus College’s Department of Psychology faculty in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement.

The faculty and staff of the Ursinus College Psychology Department wishes to congratulate all of these exceptional students of psychology!

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