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Eleven Artists Showcased in Annual Student Exhibition’s 3D Virtual Gallery

The Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art is proud to present the work of 11 student artists in the disciplines of painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, installation, mixed media, and photography.

New this year, through a partnership with Kunstmatrix, the Annual Student Exhibition (ASE) is being presented in a 3D online gallery that recreates the museum virtually so the artwork can be experienced as it was meant to be seen.

Assistant Curator Teddi Caputo has also been creating supplemental content for this year’s exhibition. “Specifically, I am working on a series of studio vignettes, filmed over the course of several weeks, for all of our participating seniors. We are rolling videos out every week on the Berman’s YouTube page,” said Caputo.

As a 2018 graduate whose work appeared in the ASE for each of her four years as a student, Caputo said she has a new appreciation for how the staff “helps steward the students to create the best possible works they can. A lot of people came together to make this show a success on both sides, and it is very inspiring.”

Each year, the staff at Myrin Library purchases a piece from the exhibition to be displayed in the library. “Big Bang” by physics and art double major Sarah Marchione ’22 has been selected for the library’s collection.

“The faculty of art and art history and the Berman Museum staff are tremendously excited by the thoughtful and courageous work by the artists,” said Deborah Barkun, an associate professor of art history who is also creative director of the Berman Museum of Art and director of museum studies. “This year’s exhibition features work that is conceptually rich and exploratory in media and process, and the extent to which the artists pushed themselves is evident in the work.”

In addition to the artwork available in the online gallery and the videos featured on the museum’s YouTube page, artist profiles, supplemental content, and videos can be viewed by clicking each artist’s name.

Elizabeth Burke ’21

Katelyn Doherty ’21

Millie Drury ’21

Abigail Krasutsky ’21

Jailene Rodriguez ’21

Laura Santori ’21

Channelle Seward ’21

Jennifer Berrios ’22

Kristen Cooney ’22

Kelsey Gavin ’22

Sarah Marchione ’22

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