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Cynthia L. Babcock Green ’94 Support Letter from Jennifer B. Karkoska

Dear Ursinus Alumni Awards Selection Committee:

Throughout my years teaching in Hempfield School District, I have witnessed effective teaching. Teachers deliver instruction and students learn. To encounter a teacher that has the gift of teaching – the ability to light up her classroom with inspiration – is rare.

Centerville Middle School is blessed to have a teacher with this gift. She epitomizes the criteria for which your committee is looking. It is with great honor and privilege to support the nomination of Cynthia B. Green for the Henry P. and M. Page Laughlin Educator Award.

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Cynthia for the past 25 years at Centerville Middle School. We began our teaching career together in August of 1996 and have worked closely ever since. Cynthia has dedicated herself to Hempfield School District and its students.

Not only does Cynthia carry a heavy teaching load educating Hempfield’s diverse student population in English Language Arts, she serves on many committees and advises groups that have a direct and positive effect on all individuals within our district. She constantly evaluates and improves her lessons and teaching methods to enhance her students’ learning opportunities.

Cynthia consistently challenges her students to learn and grow She is as passionate about teaching ELA as she is about preparing the adolescent child for adulthood. She is intensely involved with her students. Even when her teaching responsibilities are over, she often finds herself talking and spending time with former students and their families. Just this past August, Cynthia attended the baby shower for a student she taught and tutored from 1999-2005. This is one of many examples of the exceptional relationships Cynthia has formed with her students. It is not an overstatement to say that Cynthia is not only highly respected and admired teacher, she is also well loved by all. She inspires enthusiasm in every person in our building!

The results of Cynthia’s teaching are found within the numerous awards and honors earned by her. From receiving Teacher of the Quarter to Keystone Technology Integrator, Cynthia’s recognitions far exceed her peers. Cynthia has held positions such as Team Leader, WCMS (CMS’ TV Station) advisor, Youth Peace Council Advisor, Editor of the student newspaper and literary magazine, and Student Assistance Team member. She currently is an advisor for the Friends of Rachel club and was asked to serve on the reopening plan for our district after the COVID-19 shutdown of all schools in Pennsylvania.

In today’s society, it seems that success is defined by wealth, fame, and social media followers. People often lose sight of the real success stories that reside in their own neighborhoods. Cynthia Green encompasses all of these traits and more and therefore is completely deserving of the Henry P. and M. Page Laughlin Educator Award.

Respectfully Yours,
Jennifer B. Karkoska

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