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Translating the Ursinus Experience for Latinx Families

“Inclusive Community Fellow Translator Internship”

Isabella Almonte ’21
Major:  Spanish
Minor: Latin American studies 
Mentor: Xochitl Shuru, associate professor of modern languages

Many prospective families who don’t speak English at home often face a language barrier as they begin to embark on the college search process. To assist those families, Isabella Almonte ’21 is taking on a special summer project that will help enhance communication.

She’s translating informational materials about Ursinus’s Institute for Inclusion and Equity and Crigler program into Spanish.

“There are many Latinx students interested in attending Ursinus who are fluent in English, but their family members are not,” Almonte said. “This would help with outreach and support to these students and their families with accessing information about the college, organizations on campus, and programs catering to these students.”

Her goal is to make Ursinus more accessible by translating postcards, brochures, and the IIE website into Spanish.

The Passion Behind the Project

“This work is important to me because as a Latina student, I want to do my part to use the skills I have with the Spanish language for a good purpose and make it easier on the families of students in the Latin American community throughout their college search.”

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