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Important Scheduling Updates

As in-person events are being permitted on campus again, there has been a significant increase in the number of reservations for space requests. We thought it would be an ideal time to introduce the campus community to a new member of the College Events team who is responsible for managing the event management system (EMS) requests and to share a few updates regarding the current reservation process.

First, we would like to welcome and introduce Mallory Dubus as one of the newest members of the college events and signature programs team. As assistant director, Mallory will be the point of contact for space requests and the college’s master calendar process. Her strong attention to detail and enthusiasm make her a great addition to Ursinus community, especially in this role.

With this information in mind, we are asking the campus community to note the following updates:

  • Continue to submit space requests via the virtual EMS portal (for reservations 48 hours or more in advance)
    • This is the preferred method of submission
  • Direct email inquiries relating to EMS access and spaces to collegeevents@ursinus.edu
    • Please include “space request” in the subject line and clearly indicate the date, time, and space(s) in your email

Our office continues to process requests during regular business hours, and we appreciate your patience as we work through varying request volumes throughout the year. A reminder that event planning resources and information are available at ursinus.edu/CollegeEvents for your convenience.

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