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Meet the DLA Fellows!

To sign up for a consultation with a DLA Fellow, go to https://go.ursinus.edu/DLAFellow.

Ursinus’ Library and IT’s Digital Liberal Arts (DLA) Fellows are students trained in using a variety of software, including podcasting, video editing, website design, and digital storytelling tools. They meet with faculty, staff, and students to teach them how to use the software, troubleshoot issues, and consult on digital projects.

We want to introduce you to our current DLA Fellows Ellie Mikus and Jane Walker and DLA Apprentices Kalina Witkowska and Kacey La. 

Hi! My name is Ellie Mikus and I’ve been a DLA Fellow since my sophomore year. I have helped many classes learn about various programs such as Audacity, Powtoon, Shotcut, and more; however, I enjoy creative marketing programs such as Canva and MailChimp. Teaching other students about these programs and how to utilize them in their best setting is one of my favorite aspects of being a DLA Fellow.

Hello there! My name is Jane Walker, and I’m a DLA fellow. This is my second semester as a DLA fellow, and I’m happy to be here. My favorite technologies are ones involved with graphic design, such as Canva, as well as other creative endeavors, such as the audio editing software Audacity. I enjoy being a DLA fellow because we have ample freedom to learn whatever software we have interest in, and want to teach to others!

Hello! My name is Kalina Witkowska, and I am a DLA apprentice in my junior year. I became interested in working with the fellows when I heard about the Digital Studies minor through Dr. McShane. I have always enjoyed working with editing programs such as Audacity when editing music for dance productions. I joined the apprenticeship in hopes of broadening my digital fluency and to hopefully help others learn as well.

And I’m Kacey La, and I am a DLA apprentice and first-year student! My major is computer science, and so, I plan to focus on technology/programming software like ArcGIS, Raspberry Pi, and Postman! I joined the DLA apprenticeship because I enjoy the freedom of learning new and different software of my personal choice, like MuseScore and Figma, and then showing others how these amazing technology work and the different things they can make.

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