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Teaming Up to Set Math in Motion

Instructor of mathematics and statistics, Lisa Grossbauer, has a special kind of exam for her calculus class this finals season.

A former senior software analyst at Lockheed Martin, Grossbauer pulls on her industry experience to cultivate a practical learning experience for her students. In the classroom, she focusses on equipping her students with the skills needed to succeed in their future professions (and in life in general), and to have fun doing it.

The most prominent skill on her mind? Collaboration.

She recalls late nights with colleagues, ordering take out and putting their minds together to solve a problem.

She saw that same need for collaboration all throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. “It was a collaborative effort to try and put food on the table,” Grossbauer says.

Her goal with this special collaboration quiz (a Rube-Goldberg invention project) is to get students comfortable with collaborating, and to enjoy their time together.

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