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Visiting Assistant Professor in HEP Recognizes UC Covid Work

Seasonal Appreciation Gifts Awarded to Student Contact Tracers by HEP Visiting Assistant Professor, Nicole Ivaska.

Seasonal gifts were provided to the entire group of students who performed contact tracing, assisted with case management and conducted testing work during the fall semester to say thank you.  The gifts were offered by Dr. Nicole Ivaska, the UC Contact Tracing Coordinator, to show her appreciation for all the work that was completed to keep the community safe during COVID.  Thank you to all UC student and alumni contact tracers, case workers and testers!  

Contact Tracers: Cassie Burke, Erin Drebushenko, Austin Mickles, Julia Pierson and Julia Rakowski.

Backup Contact Tracers: Sydney Bowman, Tatiana Swindell.

Post-Bacc Case Managers and Testers: Autumn Snape and Emily Thomas

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