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Ursinus Professor Helps Scholars Understand Interdisciplinarity

Richard L. Wallace, Professor of Environmental Studies, is contributing to scholars’ understanding of the history and application of interdisciplinarity in higher education and professional problem solving.


Richard L. Wallace, Professor of Environmental Studies, and Susan G. Clark of Yale University have recently completed two manuscripts on the history and importance of interdisciplinary approaches to pedagogy and other professional practice. The first, entitled “Convergent evolution in the interest of integrative problem solving: Connecting the policy sciences and interdisciplinary studies,” has just appeared in the journal Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies. The second, entitled “Integration and interdisciplinarity: Concepts, frameworks, and education,” is currently in press in the journal Policy Sciences. Both papers reflect work that Wallace and Clark have been undertaking for several years outside of the realm of environmental studies. This recent work complements their efforts to design and build innovative curricular and co-curricular programs in academic environmental studies (Wallace is the founding chair of the Ursinus Department of Environmental Studies and a board member of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences) and problem oriented professional programs in the non-profit sector (among other initiatives, Clark is president emerita and Wallace is a current board member of the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative, a Wyoming-based conservation organization dedicated to the conservation of species, ecosystems, and human communities).


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