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History and HEP Major Neva McGowan Named Watson Finalist.

History and Health and Exercise Physiology double major, ambassador of history alumni interactions, prestigious president of Phi Alpha Theta, and a Watson Finalist? Nothing is too big of a challenge for Neva McGowan ’22. Besides being the pinnacle of professional prowess Neva has a deep passion for equestrianism, and it is from this passion where her Watson project sprang forth. Neva might as well have been born in the saddle, as she was riding horses since she was two years old. This profound connection to horses is something she shares with others, as many cultures across the globe and throughout history have a strong connection with horses. Watson Fellows travel the world in order to broaden their horizons, both on a personal level and an academic level. Her Watson project seeks to explore the relation between horses and human societies. In her own words: “I plan to explore the impact and significance of the horse in different locations, moments, and class groups; looking at how the human-horse relationship is both embedded into society’s history as well as still present within current culture.” The History department and every member of Phi Alpha Theta is incredibly proud of their president, and we all know that the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship would be lucky to have her.

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