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Welcoming Ursinus College’s 19th President, Robyn Hannigan

Robyn Hannigan, an environmental scientist whose career has taken a few unexpected turns into policy, community outreach, and the launch of two small start-ups, will be the next president of Ursinus College.

“Ursinus’s values are what drew my attention,” says Hannigan, who will begin her presidency on July 1, 2022. “My interests are the same. I certainly appreciate the process of problem-solving, of having the opportunity to think differently, to experiment when it is combined with opportunity. I like doing a lot of imagining. And I love learning—I’m the one often asking too many questions.”

On March 15th, 2022, Hannigan addressed the campus community during a speech in the Strassburger Commons. Later, she spoke with students in the Upper Wismer dining hall.

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