The King Legacy: Thoughts from the UC Community

How the life and words of Martin Luther King Jr. resonate on campus:

His words have inspired us to learn about the history of racism, and should inspire us all, says junior Olivia Keithley. 

“Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. was an incredibly courageous Civil Rights leader. What inspires me about Dr. King is his complete commitment to gaining fundamental rights for African Americans, including the right to vote. Dr. King exemplifies what it means to live a committed and meaningful life.  He knew that being a civil rights leader would come with great sacrifice, yet he remained firmly committed to the fight for justice and his belief in the power of non-violence and love. 

Dr. King’s legacy is no doubt remarkable, but let us all remember on the week of Martin Luther King Day, that several local organizers and activists contributed greatly and selflessly to the fight for justice. Their legacy should inspire us all to continue to pursue a more just and equitable world, the world MLK envisioned.  Personally, Dr. King has been a constant reminder to me that courage is necessary to do great work. 

He once said: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. These words have inspired me to learn about this history of racism and inequality in this country and combat injustice wherever it persists, whether that be in the education system or criminal justice system. Dr. King left us all with the charge of becoming engaged citizens who pursue justice. To take an active role in the fight for justice, is how I choose to honor his memory. ”

Olivia Keithley ’16, a Politics and Peace and Social Justice major, is a Main Street Resident Advisor for Duryea and Zwingli, the Office of Sustainability Media and Communications Fellow, President of Ursinus College Chapel, and Secretary of the Class of 2016. 

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