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On April 12, our community solidified its connection with the Delaware Tribe of Indians alongside the Perkiomen Valley School District in a historic Welcome Home event.

The eclectic event included an exhibit of Elder John Thomas’s personal collection of documents, which he graciously loaned to the college, and which was curated with the assistance of college archivist Carolyn Weigel, professor of history Lori Daggar, and student Katie Sanfield ’25; a presentation by professor Patrick Hurley about the college’s Food Forest, which draws inspiration from the Lenape people as we try to responsibly and sustainably grow food in a way that considers human and non-human species; and a monumental signing of a statement of mutual intentions, drafted by vice president Heather Lobban-Viravong with input from environmental science students, and signed by President Jill Marsteller, Perkiomen Valley School Board President Jason Saylor, and Assistant Chief Jeremy Johnson.

“This is an incredibly exciting moment,” said Lori Daggar, who created the Myrin exhibit with loaned documents from Elder John Thomas. “We need to take action, we need to forge a partnership, and we need to show up for the Lenape people.”

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