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Babies in Academic Affairs?

Academic Affairs Birth Announcements

Members of an inclusive community grant focused on “caregiver inclusion” proposed that the dean’s office newsletter share announcements of recent births or adoption placements among members of the academic affairs division. We are delighted that in our first announcement of its kind, we have many births to announce. We welcome the following newborns to the Ursinus community:

Academic Affairs Faculty and Staff:

Samantha Wilner (Chem) Caleb William

Rosa Abrahams (Music) Betzalel Lev (“Tzali”)

Olga Nicoara and Hugo Montesinos-Yufa (Business and Economics) Olga Raquel

Annie and Johannes Karreth (Politics and IR) Gabriel

Simara Price (Biology) Zoë

Nicole Smith (Academic Affairs Office) Mya Eleanor

And this is just to count those in Academic Affairs – we know there are others and a few on the way!

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