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The Love of a Granddaughter and the Pain of Alzheimer’s

Jessica Schnur ’24, Media and Communication Studies

Name: Jessica Schnur ’24
Major: Media and Communication Studies
Hometown: Feasterville, Pa.
Project Title: What Is the Story of Alzheimer’s? A Short Film
Faculty Adviser: Jennifer Fleeger

The Research

My project is a short film (about 15 minutes) that I hope to submit as my application to study abroad in Prague. I was originally envisioning making a video for my grandfather, who was at the time suffering from Alzheimer’s, to help him to recall memories fondly. He unfortunately passed away before the project was underway, and I am now dedicating my project to him. I want to explore the emotions we can get from watching films, and how memories can be a powerful tool in connecting us further with what we watch.

The Impact

This project is very personal for me, as my grandfather’s passing had been difficult for my whole family. I am hoping on a more personal note that the project can serve as a happy memory of my grandfather; a happy way for my family to come together and remember him as more than just his Alzheimer’s. On a larger scale, I want this piece to also bring awareness of Alzheimer’s, as often I find it is a disease that many people do not think about until it is already upon them or the ones they love.

The Takeaway

On a personal note, this project has brought me together closer with my family and has seemed to help bring a positive light during the grieving process. In a more professional sense, this project has enhanced my perspective as a filmmaker. I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries and have been doing readings on them, and it’s really served as a great inspiration to a lot of my work and has really helped me develop my own style in creating my film.

The Fun

I love the independence of Summer Fellows! It’s amazing getting to work on a project I’m passionate about, and get as much filmmaking experience as I can! Today actually I spent the day with my mom shooting a scene for my film, and we had a blast! It was really meaningful getting my family involved in my project, and my mom said she loved every second we worked together!

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