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Incentivizing Peace by Dr. Johannes Karreth listed as a featured book for the United Nations Library resource guide on Peace

An active knowledge hub for researchers and the international community, the United Nations Library at Geneva is committed to gathering extensive resources dedicated to peace, rights, and well-being. In his book, Ursinus scholar Dr. Johannes Karreth offers ways to manage armed conflicts before they escalate.

Incentivizing Peace: How International Organizations Can Help Prevent Civil Wars in Member Countries by Dr. Johannes Karreth, assistant professor of politics and international relations, and co-written with Jaroslav Tir, a professor of political science at the University of Colorado Boulder, was recently listed as a featured book for The United Nations Library’s research guide on peace at Geneva.

In the book, Karreth and Tir show that considering civil wars from a developmental perspective presents opportunities to prevent the escalation of nascent armed conflicts into full-scale civil wars. The authors demonstrate that highly-structured intergovernmental organizations (IGOs such as the World Bank, IMF, or regional development banks) are particularly well-positioned to engage in civil war prevention. “When such IGOs have been actively engaged in nations on the edge,” shares Karreth, “their potent economic tools have helped to steer rebel-government interactions away from escalation and toward a peaceful settlement.”

Incentivizing Peace aims to increase our understanding of the contributing factors of peace in conflict-affected countries, presenting enlightening case evidence to help support the goals of the United Nations: prevent conflict, help parties in conflict make peace, and create the conditions to allow peace to hold and flourish.

In addition to researching and teaching international politics, Karreth also serves as faculty adviser for the Ursinus delegation to the annual National Model United Nations conference in New York.

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