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There’s No Place Like Home: Meghan Brodie ’00

Meghan Brodie ’00

When I graduated from Ursinus in 2000 and headed off to graduate school, I was not sure where my career would take me, but I knew I wanted to pay forward the mentorship my Ursinus professors had so generously given to me. After working for a number of years at a university in Maine, I took an unpaid leave from my job in 2015 to join the theater and dance faculty at Ursinus in a temporary position as a visiting professor. I never left. I came back because I wanted to be a part of a community dedicated to transforming students’ lives and offering what I like to call a “concierge education,” a liberal arts education tailored to each student’s journey. Ursinus is my home not because I lived in Zwingli, performed in Ritter (before the Kaleidoscope was even an architect’s drawing), or took most of my classes in Olin; it’s my home because it’s where I found a community of life-long learners among faculty, staff, and students. Now my goal is help students find Ursinus and thrive here—I don’t want us to be a “hidden gem;” I want the light we shine to be visible from outer space. I hope Ursinus will continue to be a home to future generations of leaders, innovators, and global citizens.

Meghan Brodie ’00

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