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There’s No Place Like Home: Christian Rice ’98

Christian Rice ’98

Ursinus is a place that truly has become my second home. When I reflect on connections that I’ve had to other institutions throughout my life, there is nothing that can compare to the depth of relationship I have experienced with Ursinus. As a first-generation college student, Ursinus made me feel at home immediately, and it was the down-to-earth warmth of the community that also resonated with my parents. Ursinus was the place that nurtured me into a scholar and thoughtful citizen. Mentors like Dr. Robin Clouser and the Reverend Charles Rice helped to open my eyes to a world of ideas and experiences that I had simply not been exposed to prior to Ursinus. President John Strassburger, whose first year as president was the same as my first year on campus, became a friend and mentor, encouraging me at every step in my journey. He stayed in touch with me long after I had graduated. How amazing is that! It was an honor to receive an offer to return to my alma mater. I will fight for this community because it is a special place—a place where we challenge ourselves to think critically and to expand our moral imaginations I want this to feel like home to all our students because I know the power of belonging, thanks to this second home that Ursinus has given me.

Christian Rice

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