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There’s No Place Like Home: Tommy Armstrong ’20

Tommy Armstrong ’20

In 2016, I was an Ursinus freshman skeptical about going to school so close to home. All I knew was that I wanted to be a creative writer in comedy. At Ursinus, it was always fun to try something new because fellow students, faculty, and staff constantly supported me and amplified my projects. I auditioned for my first play, Domenick Scudera’s rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and ended up acting and directing theater until graduation. On three occasions, I received funding from the U-Imagine Center to build my filmmaking arsenal and produce whatever project had consumed me that year with the talented, creative, and kind friends I made at school. I had 24/7 support when I was creating my application for the Watson Fellowship, and that kind of attention enabled me (and my freshman year roommate, Garrett Bullock ’20) to win a fellowship to travel the world for a year pursuing a passion project. Ursinus set me on a path to reach my greatest potential, and today it is very meaningful for me to write and create videos about current students, amplifying their achievements so they can have fun while growing into their fullest selves at Ursinus

Tommy Armstrong ’20

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