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Meet a Sustainability Fellow: Kayla Cayemitte ’23

Biology major, Studio Art minor, Science and the Common Good minor

Sustainable action is a means to creating more imaginative, resourceful connections with the Earth. That’s why Kayla Cayemitte ’23 takes pride in being a Sustainability Fellow.

She is one of 12 students who strive to educate the campus community about environmental issues. Cayemitte is passionate about empowering others to adapt to more sustainable lifestyles. She said her role as a Sustainability Fellow has helped her become a better communicator, project manager, and creative and strategic thinker. “It has allowed me to express my ideas on sustainability in an imaginative yet realistic way with the guidance of professionals at Ursinus. In addition, I have met new peers in the program who have the same values and goals as me, which has been an inspirational and cooperative experience,” she said.

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