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Meet a Summer Fellow: Olivia Cross ’24

Students at Ursinus can seamlessly blend their personal interests with academic pursuits. One of the best avenues by which to explore this intersection is through Summer Fellows research. 


Olivia Cross ’24, under the mentorship of Associate Professor of Theater Meghan Brodie ’00, tapped into her passion for advocacy and her experience on the stage to examine the theoretical evolution of feminism in the theater. She performed in Ursinus productions of Pride and Prejudice and Kissing the Witch and said, “Both feminist pieces…prioritize female agency and voice. Therefore, not only did my fellowship serve as an interdisciplinary work that unites thought and performance, but it also served as a profoundly personal milestone for my feminist activism.” Her research was supported by funding from Winnifred (Berg) Cutler ’73 and Thomas Quay.

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