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Quest Kick-Off Feedback

We received some great feedback about the Quest Kick-Off pilot this year. 

Check out these responses from students who participated in August’s CIE Quest Kick-Off with Rebecca Lyczak, Matt Kozusko, Tom Carroll, and Christian Rice:

  • “The quest kick off is 100% a must have experience because of how much it helps students connect and transition into the campus life and community.”
  • “The Quest Kick-Off event was single handedly the best choice I could have made to start my freshmen year at Ursinus.”
  • “It was amazing, 10/10 would do it again.”
  • “It helps you to make friends at the school earlier on and feel less uneasy about the transition to college life.”

We will be looking to expand this pilot to more sections next year, so stay tuned.

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