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From Transformational Opportunities at Ursinus to Fighting Injustice

Sherrell Dandy ’07

I wanted to be an attorney for as long as I can remember. I saw the inequities and injustices in my community, and I felt called to fight for the voiceless. I also enjoyed logical analysis and problem solving so I always knew that this career choice was the right one for me. My time as an undergraduate student at Ursinus College prepared me for that fight.

Ursinus taught me how to open my mind to new and creative ways to view the world, which undoubtedly gave me the tools necessary to become a successful attorney. I learned to be a creative and open-minded thinker through a multitude of experiences. These included learning about history’s great philosophers in my CIE course; the wonderful experience I had as an exchange student at one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious Historically Black Universities—Howard University; and immersing myself in the language and culture of the Italians while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I learned to be a creative and open-minded thinker while a student at Ursinus.

Sherell Dandy '07

In addition to what I learned in my classes and programs, I also gained lifelong friends who supported me throughout my academic and professional career. For example, my close friends and fellow Ursinus alumni supported me during the difficult days of law school, while enduring the overwhelming stress of the bar exam, and while seeing horrific crimes while serving as a homicide unit supervisor at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

As an associate at a prominent Philadelphia-based firm, I continue to fight for justice for people who were harmed in various ways such as by medical malpractice, abuse, the use of harmful products, or exposure to harmful chemicals. I am grateful for the preparation, experience, and friendships I gained from Ursinus College, and I am forever proud to be a UC Bear.

Sherrell Dandy' 07

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