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UC Imagine Fest Recap 2022

UC Imagine Fest is a 15-hour marathon event where students work together to find innovative and creative solutions for existing problems. During the program, students work to develop their solutions and pitch their final plan to a panel of judges. Our calculated processes assist students to communicate the validity of a problem and offer a creative solution that meets the needs of a reachable market.

UC Imagine Fest

UC Imagine Fest kicked off Global Entrepreneurship Week at Ursinus with a 2-day innovation sprint focused on developing tech-inspired solutions to today’s problems. The theme this year was “Living with Tech”, creatively integrating technology into our lives.

Congratulations to all the students that participated and for their hard work in developing innovative ideas. Eric Sugarman (BCMB ’25) took first place with an AI-integrated database that gathers, cleans, and curates medical data that can be standardized across the medical industry. Second place was awarded to Carlie Shiller (Econ ’25) for Cozy Case, a temperature-controlled phone case that keeps cell phones from losing battery life from overheating or from extreme cold. Third place went to Dominic Nottoli (Econ ’25) who created a fitness app called Complete Fitness: a one-stop shop for catered workouts, cardio plans, and nutrition plans.

Special mentions go out to Tyler Griffith (Econ ’26) and Kylee Helmetag for a high-tech baseball base that calls outs electronically with 100% accuracy, Mitch Garber (Econ ’26) for his car safety solution, and Sarah DiLello (Econ ’24) and Charlotte DiLello (Physics ’25) for the environmental awareness solution Green Scale.

Students learned the process of ideation, developed their communication skills, and were surprised by the discovery of their entrepreneurial spirits! Tyler Griffith shares, “UC Imagine Fest was a great time and taught me so much. I learned that I have the power to create an innovative idea in a very short time frame.” Carlie Shiller agreed and stated, “I learned the process of creating a product and how to use an entrepreneurial mindset to find creative solutions to problems.”

Thank you to everyone that supported our students - Jonathan Gerhartz ’18 and Marcos Maciel ’22 for being inspirational keynote speakers, Christina Mongan, Noah Frantz ’20, Rob Wrzesniewski ’91, who were thoughtful judges, and lastly Tom Armstrong ’20, Shelby Bryant ’18, and Jake Amendola-Reichard ’24 for their mentorship to the participants.

Congratulations again to everyone that participated. It was amazing to see what was accomplished in such a short time.

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