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U-Imagine Center Programs

The Center’s programs are designed to develop and refine the skill sets that are crucial to embarking on successful, professional careers. In addition to our internal programs, we work hard to collaborate with external professionals and businesses to maximize student opportunities.


Jumpstart is a mentorship program to help students evolve their ideas into real brands, products, and services. This fall Mitchell Garber created Cantivities, a game where stickers with trivia questions are put on drink cans. Matt Sy created a mobile app concept that connects real estate buyers and sellers directly. Matt shared, “The U-Imagine Center connected me to the resources and opportunities that promote innovative thinking. With the help of the U-Imagine Center, I was able to create my app called Anchor Point. Anchor Point is the culmination of my experience working with the talented staff and alongside my peers who have a similar drive to create.”

Media on Main

Thirteen students from a variety of majors and years operated Media on Main, a mini digital marketing agency this semester. They earned 1 credit for participating in this student-run venture course. Students secured and serviced two business clients this semester. Through this applied learning experience, students were able to build digital skills and learn valuable business principles. Special thanks to Lane Dubin ’90 for seeding this program. Media on Main is a repeatable course that has been approved to satisfy the XLP requirement of the core curriculum.

High School BEAR

U-Imagine partnered with the Admissions Department this summer to host the first High School BEAR Innovation Competition, to engage prospective high school students on campus in a fun innovation challenge. Fourteen students competed from 13 different high schools, the furthest prospective student coming from Colorado. 

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Digital Spark

Digital Spark gives students a first-hand look at entrepreneurship as they work side by side with business owners helping them increase business results. This summer was the 8th cohort of students that participated in Digital Spark. To date, we have placed 99 students with 78 businesses to support their digital marketing and business development efforts. This program has been funded with over $200,000 in donations. Eleven students earned a $2,500 stipend for their participation this summer. The business cohort included two startups, a franchise, a chamber of commerce, one alumni business, independent main street businesses, and two established businesses interested in creating a digital presence. Digital Spark gives students a first-hand look at entrepreneurship as they work side by side with business owners helping them increase business results.

Recent Digital Spark students have been successful in obtaining the following opportunities:

  • Tyler Reilly ’22 landed a full-time Associate Media Planner position at Quad
  • Bradley Duncan Taylor ’22 acquired a full-time position with EGA Associates as a Marketing Specialist immediately upon graduation
  • Jake Amendola-Reichert ’24 was a Management Intern at Liberty Mutual Life Insurance Co this summer
  • Meredith Zimmer ’23 landed a Research and Marketing Assistant position at Alternative Resources Company
  • Erin Drebushenko ’23 is a part-time Digital Marketing Specialist at the Hidden Opponent
  • Erin Corcoran is a part-time Digital Marketing Consultant for Daughterhood the Podcast

Alex Koenig ’23, a neuroscience major participated in Digital Spark as the first-ever student entrepreneur “interning” for his own business Alko Exterior, a home improvement company. Koening stated, “As a new business owner, I found it very helpful to be surrounded by people my age who were dedicated to utilizing and improving business tactics related to marketing.” We are excited to see Digital Spark continue to be a beneficial summer program for students to grow their entrepreneurial and marketing skills.

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