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Additional LINQ courses needed for next semester

Want to try something new that contributes to the core? We are still looking for additional CCAP and LINQ classes for fall 2023. In particular, we are in immediate need of LINQ offerings for the fall semester.


Love CIE? Consider teaching a section of IDS-405. Who Do I Want to Be: Reflections on Your Ursinus Education from CIE to CCAP. A syllabus framework is already designed. The course allows your students to reflect on their liberal arts journey and to revisit CIE texts you choose together. Contract Rebecca Lyczak for more information or contact Sheryl Goodman who is currently teaching the course.


Thinking you might want to add a new dimension to an existing course? It is not too late to develop a LINQ with a colleague. A common hour is planned for March 29 where you can hear from faculty who have taken existing courses and worked together to establish a LINQ for students enrolled in either course. Also, contact Rebecca Lyczak if you have a course in mind that you might be looking for a partnership to LINQ.

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