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Myrin Library Digitizes History of Ursinus College

History of the first hundred years of Ursinus College now available as an e-book.

URSINUS COLLEGE: A History of its First Hundred Years, or, the “Yost History,” as the book has affectionately come to be known since it was published in 1985, chronicles the first century of Ursinus College from 1869 to 1969.

The book was carefully researched and written by Calvin D. Yost, class of 1930, while Dr. Yost taught in the English Department at Ursinus and also directed the College’s library.

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Yost History, the book has been digitized and is accessible as a digital download in the Ursinus College Digital Commons.

The book, all 206 pages of it, was digitized by David Kriz, a library intern working with Myrin librarian Andy Prock. 

David, a student at Kutztown University majoring in Computer Science-Information Technology, plans to earn masters degrees in both computer science and library science with the ultimate goal of being involved in the future development of the library field.

Reflecting upon his work, David stated, “My digitization of the book, for the access of the public is a proud segment of my involvement with Ursinus. I do believe that Dr. Yost would be amazed and pleased to see his work made available to all through the wonders of our current technological capabilities.This–unto itself– is another chapter in the Ursinus College story. I would encourage all who are interested to acquaint themselves with it.”

Writing in 1985, then President of Ursinus College, Richard P. Richter, shared these thoughts in his insightful introduction to Dr. Yost’s book: “This book will entertain all those who care about Ursinus. More than that, it will shed light on the driving force that comes from our roots and that still influences the way we teach and the way we go into the future.”

These words ring with the same clarity today, some 30 years later, in the digital version of the Yost History, as they did when the book was first published in 1985.

-Charles A. Jamison

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For more information about the digital verson of URSINUS COLLEGE: A History of its First Hundred Years, or for information on purchasing a copy of the book, please contact one of the following Myrin Library staff:

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