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Media on Main

Olivia DeFusco ’24 is an applied economics major with a minor in politics and finance. She has spent two semesters in Media on Main.

Media on Main is a student-run venture that is focused on creating an online presence for small businesses in the Collegeville area,” shares Olivia. “Our goal is to convert the engagement from various social media platforms into sales for the business. There are no pre-requirements for Media on Main, students from any major can join, and if taken three times, it will satisfy the XLP requirement.”

Olivia believes the program helps students become more involved, “Media on Main is a great way for students to get involved with something different on campus. Students go through hands-on learning that is similar to the work that they would be expected to produce if they were entering into a social media marketing firm. We are looking to expand Media on Main past social media marketing and entering the space of website design and development and using Google Analytics to produce results for our clients.”

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