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This spring, the Ursinus College Maker’s Club has been dedicated to creating a Honeycomb Makerspace here on campus for students to make their ideas come to life. 

Jake Kosa represented the Maker’s Club at the BEAR Innovation Competition and took home funds for the club after winning the 2nd place prize.

Jake explains why the Honeycomb Makerspace is important, “As a college student, disposable income is in short supply and the time to earn it is even slimmer. It’s important that Ursinus has the Honeycomb Makerspace to solve this problem for students who share in the struggle of wanting to engage with projects that have an insurmountable barrier to entry. The space will provide tools for students to fabricate what their hearts desire without having to purchase the tools themselves. Think, for example, a 3D printer.”

He wraps up with the plans for the Honeycomb Makerspace, “With funding secured, the next step is to purchase the tools the makerspace needs to get up and running. I’ll be working with Maureen Cumpstone and other faculty members to decide where to put the equipment and how to monetize it. I’ll be doing physics research over the summer, so I will have that time to practice using the machines and develop workshops to draw our first few customers!”

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