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Phi Beta Kappa Ceremony

Phi Beta Kappa Chapter Welcomes Over 60 Members in 31st Year at Ursinus

The Tau of Pennsylvania Chapter—established at Ursinus in 1992 as an extension of a more than 240-year-old honor society—welcomed a new class of members in advance of the college’s annual commencement ceremony.

Founded in 1779, Phi Beta Kappa is the nation’s oldest and most respected academic honor society. With only 10 percent of colleges and universities holding chapters across the United States, Ursinus is among a small portion of institutions whose students are eligible for induction through its Tau of Pennsylvania Chapter.

“Like Ursinus, Phi Beta Kappa champions a liberal arts education and the depth and breadth of knowledge, critical thinking skills, effective communication, and love of learning that it develops in the students,” said Professor of Chemistry Mark Ellison. “The fact that Ursinus was granted a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is yet another national recognition of the high-quality liberal arts education that students here receive.”

Membership in the prestigious honor society indicates holistic excellence in one’s total academic experience. This year, 50 seniors and 11 juniors were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Additionally, 15 sophomores with cumulative grade point averages (GPAs) of 4.0 were presented with the John M. Wickersham Book Award.

Professor Ellison noted, “this class of students is notable because the Covid-19 pandemic struck during the spring of their freshman year. Just as they were beginning their college education and learning how to be good college students, our world was upended. The students had to quickly adapt to online learning, often without the friends and social networks they had established on campus. These students showed tremendous resiliency and dedication to have achieved so much under such difficult circumstances.”

Initiates were honored during the annual Phi Beta Kappa induction ceremony on Thursday, May 11 in the Lenfest Theater.


Class of 2023
Michael D. Adelson
Annabel M. Baldy
Richard M. Berger
Paige G. Bristow
Holly L. Chambers
Noah T. Coleman
Isabelle R. Deal
Erin K. Drebushenko
Elizabeth I. Elliott
John R. Flynn
Kierstin N. Frederick
Serena Rose A. Gaskin
Patrick G. Gray
Samuel B. Gregory
Vincent A. Ha
Alexandra A. Heasley
Kevin M. Hoffman
Kristy G. Hryniszak
Natalie C. Jump
Elizabeth T. Kandler
Hira A. Khattak
Mya Knappenberger
William Krueger
Hannah N. Lee
Luke A. Lesher
Brooke C. Ludwig
Naomi D. Marin
Amanda N. Marley
Kathryn M. McHugh
Allyson S. Meakim
Jordan A. Moore
Katherine H. Moore
Jeremy P. Moyer
Olivia G. Negro
Haleigh Q. Olsen
Julia Rakowsky
Morgan L. Raley
Carly N. Rodriguez
Dalanie A. Rogers
Bhagat S. Sembhi
Brandon P. Smith
Jenna D. Smith
Ella R. Spencer
Zara R. Tabackin
Jordan E. Ulsh
Mekha M. Varghese
Claire E. Velte
Lauren M. Weaver
Stephen G. Wilkins, III
Mattie E. Young


Class of 2024
Brooke E. Adams
Abigail V. Behm
Elliot Cetinski
Evan J. Coffey
Olivia G. Cross
Ethan J. Cuthbertson
Samantha Holden
Daniel J. Leach
Sophie K. Louis
Kipp S. Ransome
Natalie C. Rubinkam


John M. Wickersham Book Award Recipients

Class of 2025
Lauren K. Barlow
Benjamin A. Cuccolo
Grace O. DeCostanza
Trey J. Dykeman
Nicholas Z. Fiore
Kathryn M. Horan
Hayley D. Kane
Kacey T. La
Aidan W. Nadell
Alexandra M. Nenish
Cassidy A. Noll
Kyleigh D. Pierce
Emma J. Reyes
Isabella Scarpetti
Ellie J. Teklits

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