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Alumni Award winners 2023 grid

The Best of Our Bears

Each year, Ursinus celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding alumni and standout graduating students with the annual presentation of the Alumni Awards. They are bestowed upon individuals who represent the best of Ursinus, and who have reached significant professional achievements through exemplary leadership. We are proud of these Bears.

Carolyn Barry

The Alumni Award for Professional Achievement

Carolyn McNamara Barry ’96, Dean for Social Sciences and Graduate Programs, Loyola University Maryland
“I am most proud of my work as an advisor to undergraduate students…Such work allows me to reflect often upon my own transition to, and navigation through, college, as well as utilize my decades of research on the transition to adulthood, particularly the role that close relationships can play in fostering said transition.”

Allie Hunter

The Alumni Award for Service to Humanity

Allie Hunter ’06, Director of Community Health Solutions at Emergent BioSolutions and co-founder of Addiction Response Resources

“I think it has been the balance of being other-oriented and having strong self-efficacy that has enabled me to best serve my community. I have a strong confidence in my ability to figure things out and get things done. Simultaneously, I try to truly understand the needs of others, without judgment, and hold firm the belief that we are all just people trying to find our way and do our best.”


Sara Jacobson

The Henry P. and M. Page Laughlin Educator Award

Sara Jacobsen ’94, Executive Director, Public Defender Association of Pennsylvania
“My proudest professional contribution is what I do now, teaching and training public defenders across Pennsylvania. Because [Pennsylvania’s] public defenders are so underfunded, the training that my organization provides is the only training available to most of the state’s PDs. It’s a massive responsibility…Helping Pennsylvania’s public defenders be prepared to defend their clients well does more for the public good.”

Aubrey Paris

Rising Star Alumni Award

Aubrey Paris ’15, Senior Policy Advisor on Gender, Climate Change, U.S. Department of State

“My experience as an inaugural fellow of the Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good (CSCG) taught me that being an ethical, thoughtful scientist means looking for inspiration and being cognizant of impact beyond the lab. I thought I could be one of the people who helped to ensure science is applied in ethical ways that are helpful to communities.”

Serena Rose Gaskin 23  

Senior Alumni Awards

Serena Rose Gaskin ’23
“To be a recipient of this wonderful award is to embody and affirm that I am a leader and capable of creating a positive environment for the spaces I am a part of. As an aspiring social worker with plans to focus on promoting healthy child development, I can confidently enter my field knowing who I am today and what I have to offer in my career.”

Michael Green '23

Michael Green ’23
“Winning this award is important to me because it lets me know that I was able to make a difference during my time at Ursinus. I feel prepared to make a difference in my community after graduation, and hopefully have a real impact on others.”

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