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Adam Meyer visits campus for presentation about accessibility

The Office of Disability & Access, with the support of the Arts & Lectures Committee and the Division of Inclusion & Community Engagement, welcomed guest lecturer Adam Meyer to campus on Friday, September 8th for a presentation about our cultural assumptions surrounding disability and accessibility on college campuses.

The sunny weather and beginning-of-semester buzz provided the perfect setting for Adam Meyer, a disability and accessibility expert from the University of Central Florida, to come visit our campus last week.

Adam Meyer was invited by the Office of Disability and Access to come speak to campus about the social model of disability and the collective responsibility of accessibility, and we were honored to have him accept our invitation. Dee and Joanna, of ODA, heard Adam as the keynote speaker at a conference in the spring, though he was already well-known by the duo at that point. When the Arts and Lectures Committee sent out their very generous call for proposals, the two knew they had to see if Adam could come to Ursinus.

Adam certainly knocked it out of the park. At his presentation in Bomberger Auditorium, Adam discussed ableism, showed some eye-opening videos, briefly reviewed disability law, and finally put forth many action steps for our community to become more accessible. He then answered some great audience questions about connection with those who are disengaged or resistant. Professor Lederach, who attended the presentation and following lunch with Adam, noted that his presentation was “a great reminder of the many things ableists do not know or understand” when approaching policy and interpersonal relationships.

Afterwards, some audience members and campus partners, including faculty, staff, and students, came for lunch with Adam in IDC 114, where they were presented with questions for discussion and reflection (as well as great food from Wegmans!). Great conversation was had by all, and many were excited to go more in-depth with Adam about policies and practices he has implemented over the years.

Of the event, Director of Disability and Access Dee Singley said, “Having Dr. Adam Meyer at Ursinus College brought my career in disability and access full circle for me. Adam was the professional, years ago, that opened my awareness to the social model, particularly through the AHEAD guidelines and that ADAAA does not in fact require medical documentation in order to receive supports. It’s the knowledge I brought to Ursinus with me and that I continue to infuse in my work. Adam’s knowledge on ableism during his presentation provided a perspective that is so important to understand as we navigate access and accessibility for students, staff, and faculty on Ursinus’ campus. We are in a unique situation at Ursinus where we have the opportunity to transform the way disability folx are served.”

Adam Meyer conversing with students

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