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Lights Out! Providing Safe Passage for Migrating Birds.

Ursinus College continues to join a national (and international) effort to assist migrating birds on their journey this Fall.

Did you know that every year, billions of birds migrate south in the fall? The majority of them fly at night and when they pass by heavily populated areas they can become disoriented and lose their way.

Lights Out Program | Audubon

Light pollution is a global issue for migrating birds. It is up to people to step in and help. Programs like Lights out Philly are helping to save billions of birds each migration season (Fall and Spring). Another example of people helping birds is the Puffling Patrol! Have you heard about it? In Iceland, baby puffins (pufflings) use the light of the moon to make their way to the ocean where they will spend two years of the their young lives. Sadly, many of these baby birds get lost because of the lights and stumble into the city. Never fear the Puffling Patrol is here. Community members stroll the city streets late at light locating these lost babies. The healthy birds are taken to the ocean and released. Other babies, who appear sick or too weak for the journey are taken to the clinic and nursed until it’s their turn to get to the ocean.

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