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Biology Majors present their summer internships in the Innovation and Discovery Center

This week students shared their experiences with summer internships as part of completing their experiential learning requirement of the Ursinus Quest.

This week, Biology students presented the work they did during their summer internships at a poster presentation session in the lobby of the Innovation and Discovery Center. The students held varying positions working as assistants in different fields and shadowing many lines of work. Alexa Fooskas (Class of 2025) worked as an Optometric Technician at America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses. She shared, “…the majority of my days were spent in the exam room with patients doing preliminary testing. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with each person, getting to know them a bit, answering their questions, and easing their worries, which solidified my desire to work closely with patients in the future.”

The Ursinus Quest allows students to reflect on their experiences before, during, and after their time spent at an internship. While working through their experience, faculty and advisors provide students with guidance and encourage them to reflect further into how their time spent that summer affects their education in the future. Mackenzie Donatelli (Class of 2024) spent her time interning in the Pathology Department at the Reading Hospital and Drexel College of Medicine and shared, “My internship allowed me to meet established doctors and reinforce my pre-existing hopes of attending medical school. My two mentors were very influential in my continued desire to attend medical school. They gave me great advice for moving forward after graduation and really helped give me the vote of confidence I needed”. Ursinus’ requirement of an XLP (Experiential Learning Project) allows students to figure out what they want for their future, as well as encourages students to experience the workforce and offer a change of perspective from a classroom setting.

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