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Business and Economics Department Expands Its List of Majors

In the spring of 2023, the previous applied economics major was divided into two standalone areas of study in economics and finance, with options for minors in accounting, economics, finance, and management studies. Now, a new business economics major is the latest offering.

The power of the business economics major lies in its combination of analytical skills and soft skills, creating something relatively unique within the liberal arts world; while some other programs offer business majors with a similar idea, few ground a preparation for the business world in as deep an understanding of rigorous economics and liberal arts values.

“Our business economics major allows us to combine the traditional strengths of our department with the unique qualities that make Ursinus stand out among liberal arts colleges,” said Assistant Professor of Business and Economics Scott King. “This major will not just give students the technical rigor and know-how needed to succeed in today’s job market. It will also help them hone their abilities to think deeply about how their decisions will impact their fellow citizens, and how they can use what they have learned to become active participants in positively shaping the communities they are part of.”

Students in the major can choose from four concentrations: data analytics, entrepreneurship, marketing, or management.

The additions of economics, finance, and business economics majors to the curriculum are in response to growing interest from students. The changes separate each of the disciplines and expand the range of study, providing students with greater opportunity to tailor their degrees to their unique interests.

In all three majors, students will take a core set of courses in economic theory and quantitative methods, while continually emphasizing writing and speaking skills throughout the curriculum—a feature that students frequently report to be of great value in their post-graduate pursuits. Economics majors then choose from a variety of electives to round out the major, as finance majors select more targeted finance electives to complete their programs. The business economics major allows students to build on the strong quantitative and analytical skillset brought forth through economics and adds a qualitative dimension. The combination of the hard skills and soft skills will give Ursinus students an edge when competing against typical business majors from other schools.

The majors are fortified by the department’s in-depth, hands-on field practice through work with the Finance Scholars Program, UCIMCO (Ursinus College Investment Management Company), Community Bank Case Study competition, and more—experiences that give students an invaluable leg up as they enter their prospective fields.

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