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Bearcrawling Relay Revives Old Ursinus Tradition

The Student Government’s 2026 Class Council, led by President Jocelyn Lass, is reviving a lost UC tradition of setting world records, beginning this year with the “World’s Longest Consecutive Bearcrawling Relay” on April 17th at the indoor track. The event is open to the entire campus, so join in the fun and help make history!

It seems fitting that a campus which once boasted the “world’s only tree in a football end zone” would go on to attempt record breakers such as “world’s largest molecule” (think gum drops and toothpicks) and “world’s longest hoagie” (exactly what you’d imagine). From 1973 to 1982, the Ursinus College Student Union organized these “record breaker” attempts to provide a fun activity for the entire campus. Now, over forty years later, the tradition may be revived. And what better way to do it than with a bear crawl?

Student Government 2026 Class Council President Jocelyn Lass stated: “I found out about the old record breakers while doing a deep dive into past Ursinus traditions because I wanted to bolster school spirit … I figured finding one that I could revive would be a worthwhile use of my position. It’s truly an opportunity for the campus to come together and achieve a common goal. I’d like to imagine that future students might look back on this event and find inspiration for their own unique tradition. That is my hope.”

So how can you be a part of Ursinus history? Head to the indoor track at the Field House on April 17th from 4 to 8 PM. Sign up ahead of time as an individual or as part of a team and be ready to do your best bear imitation by crawling one-fourth of the track at a time at your own pace. Repeat as many times as you’d like and track your distance individually or as part of a team. The individuals and registered team who contribute the most will be honored with their names or the name of their team/club/organization and their total accumulated distance on an official plaque. If you wish to race a student or staff/faculty member during your turn, feel free! The main goal is for everyone to have fun!

To learn more about past record breakers at Ursinus College, visit the Ursinusiana Room in Myrin Library or view our digital archives:

1973: 600-foot Banana Split: October 25, 1973 Ursinus Weekly newspaper

1974: 2032 square-foot Puzzle: November 21, 1974 Ursinus Weekly newspaper

1975: 640-foot Hoagie: November 20, 1975 Ursinus Weekly newspaper

1977 (Spring): 500-foot Hot Dog: April 7, 1977 Ursinus Weekly newspaper

1977 (Fall): Largest Tinker Toy: October 28, 1977 Ursinus Weekly newspaper

1978: 40 pound Hamburger: October 20, 1978 Ursinus Grizzly newspaper

1979: Super Sundae: October 19, 1979 Ursinus Grizzly newspaper

1980: Largest Molecule: November 21, 1980 Ursinus Grizzly newspaper

1981: 40 ton Sandcastle: November 13, 1981 Ursinus Grizzly newspaper

1982: Largest UC Group Photo: November 5, 1982 Ursinus Grizzly newspaper

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