Special Thanks to Abele and Cawman Families

Board of Trustee member Will Abele ’61 donated a large amount of laboratory equipment to the Biology Department, while George Cawman ’65 and Katheryn ’66 made a touching donation of cameras in honor of their son.

The donation by Will Abele included items that we needed and use every day in the teaching and research laboratories. The equipment included incubating orbital shakers, dry block heaters, vortex mixers, rocking shakers, and hot plate stirrers. Thank you Mr. Abele!

Mr. George Cawman, an executive at EXO Labs in Seattle, contacted Dr. Small to offer to donate some Focus Cameras in honor of his father. Within a few weeks the elder Mr. Cawman contacted Dr. Small and told him of their son George’s untimely death. He said that they want to donate 10 of the cameras in his honor. They did and the department bought 3 iPads and some other accessories.

These cameras that can be attached to dissecting and compound microscopes and display and store photos on iPad or cell phones. These cameras have been incredibly useful in BIO346 Developmental Biology, BIO336 Freshwater Biology, and BIO330 Marine Biology. The pictures can be either still or video. They are great for filming Daphnia to count their heart rate under various experimental treatments and for documenting sea urchin development.

Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Cawman for this wonderful gift in honor of their son.