Students Share Enthusiasm and Knowledge with Local Middle Schoolers

Erin Klazas ’16, Bahir Eley ’16, Danielle Kritz ’17, and Steve Rodolico ’17 are the instructors for the Eisenhower Middle School Science Club which was started last year by chemistry major Paige Fronheiser ’14.

The goal of the club is to give students the opportunity to apply their basic scientific knowledge to a hands-on and interactive experience.  The UC students meet with the middle schoolers every week on Wednesdays with a new experiment for the students to try. The experiments each week are centered on a basic scientific principle– For example, one week they demonstrated to the kids the idea of solubility and temperature by having the students experiment with solutes in hot and cold water.  The students are incredibly energetic, but a really bright group who seem to really like their instructors and are also very enthusiastic about learning.