Dr. Dale Cameron and Students Publish on Yeast Prions

Assistant Professor of Biology Dale Cameron and his students conduct research on protein misfolding in yeast that is similar to the protein misfolding in prion diseases such as Mad Cow Disease.

Dr. Cameron published a paper this spring which includes as co-authors two current students (Daniel Selechnik ’15 and Alex van Ooy ’15) and three alumni (Alvaro Amor ’12, Dominic Castanzo ’14, and Sean Delany ’14).  The full citation is as follows:

Alvaro J. Amor, Dominic T. Castanzo, Sean P. Delany, Daniel M. Selechnik, Alex van Ooy, and Dale M. Cameron. The Ribosome-Associated Complex Antagonizes Prion Formation in Yeast. Prion. 9:144-64 (2015).