Alum Gives Advice to BEAR Innovation Teams

Katie Iorio Martin, ’88, used the BEAR acronym when addressing the teams and audience at the BEAR Innovation Awards

Martin, ’88, is President of the Dale Carnegie Franchise in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware and portions of New Jersey.  Her company is one of the 20 largest Dale Carnegie franchises in the world, and has repeatedly been recognized as a member of the Millennium Club, which represents the top performing franchises. 

Katie spoke at the BEAR Innovation Awards Presentation on April 25 and used the BEAR Acronym to give advice to students

B - Be Present - don’t hide behind your electronic devices - there is value in showing up

E - Engagement - working with others requires sincere communication

A - Attitude - a positive outlook results in better, more productive, interactions

R - Relationships - people matter!  Recognize the value of developing good connections.

Martin presented each member of the audience with a copy of Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book and three students were awarded the Dale Carnegie Prize, a tuition waiver to for the course “The Dale Carnegie Course: Skills for Success.”   The winning students are:  Adelaide Hurlbert ’15, Marcella “Ella” McGill ’17, and Sean Clark ’17.

Martin has 25 years of experience working with organizations to develop their people, solve business issues, and align culture with strategic goals.  She supports team members in developing local and global strategic partnerships with clients and works closely with clients to collaborate on talent management initiatives such as employee engagement, creating a customer-centric culture, and succession planning.