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Center for Culture, Art, Training, and Education (CCATE)

CCATE’s mission is to empower the Hispanic community through the promotion of culture, art, education and work training.

Our vision is that the Latino community’s dreams come true through holistic development of the community, and to have a successful Latino community contributing to the general community.  We offer workshops, classes, mentorship, and access to technology for both children and adults in the Norristown community.

At CCATE, we can use volunteers for a wide range of tasks.  Whatever your skills, it is certain you can contribute simply as existing as a part of CCATE’s community.  Our constant and most common need for volunteers is for the Technology room which is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.  We are also regularly looking for people to speak at or help with workshops and our after-school program.

For an example of their student-developed artwork, see the mural called “Embracing Two Realities.”

If you would like to volunteer in any area, or have questions or ideas about volunteering please contact CCATE’s Director, Obed Arango Hisjara: obed@ccate.org.

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Director, Obed Arango Hisjara: obed@ccate.org
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