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Daniel Pineda

Why did you decide to become a language major?

I decided to become a Spanish major for two main reasons. The first is the fact that when I graduate, I want to be able to help people. As a Psychology major with an interest in becoming a clinical psychologist, having the ability to understand and speak Spanish will broaden the base of clientele I can work with.

The second reason I decided to become a Spanish major is in part due to my father and his side of the family (most prominently my grandparents). Being Peruvian citizens, I was always intrigued by the Spanish conversations they held with each other when I was a child. Still to this day, although I have a significantly better understanding of what they say, I still want to be able to talk with them fluently in their native language. 

What has been your most rewarding experience in your language major so far?

My most rewarding experience thus far would have to be my interactions with Spanish speaking children at this site called ACLAMO where I volunteer. There was a weekend where the children of ACLAMO came to Ursinus College for a few hours to play recreational games and eat lunch. Although the kids understood some English, and had to practice speaking it, there were some that were very hesitant about it. In turn, I was able to communicate to them in Spanish, which made their experience a whole lot more comfortable. 

What are your plans after Ursinus?

After Ursinus, I plan on attending grad school with a focus on clinical psychology. Either getting a Masters or a PsyD. in that area, ideally I would either want to open a private practice, or work for an organization that specializes in child psychology. 

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