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Erin Specht

Why did you decide to become a language major?

I have always had a deep interest in other languages. I feel that even if it is just one other language then I am better able to communicate with the world around me. By becoming a language major I am opening myself up to new experiences, cultures, and ideas that I would probably never have the opportunity to experience otherwise. 

What has been your most rewarding experience in your language major so far?

The most rewarding experience in my language major so far is getting to know my language professors and my classmates. They make learning a language more interesting and fun by adding in their own experiences with certain ideas or foreign cultures. I enjoy being able to go to a professor if I can’t comprehend what we are doing in class and having them being fully capable of going above and beyond when explaining. 

What are your plans after Ursinus? 

I plan on attending either veterinarian or medical school after Ursinus. With so many people in the United States speaking Spanish and other languages nowadays, I believe I am better able to reach out to them and help them if I can speak their language and understand where they are coming from.

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Spanish, Biology


Ursinus College Track and Field, Campus Safety Dispatcher