Health and Exercise Physiology

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Michael Neal

What I enjoyed about my Ursinus Experience

My time at Ursinus has been a great experience overall. One thing that sticks out to me is how caring all my professors have been throughout my four years. It has been extremely helpful to know that each one of my professors is willing to take the time to help me achieve in the classroom. Another thing that I have enjoyed about my Ursinus experience is being part of the men’s lacrosse team. I love spending time both on and off the field with my teammates, who have become my family over these past four years.

Where I am headed after Ursinus

I plan to attend Physical Therapy School

Who I met at Ursinus that made a Difference

There are several people that I met at Ursinus that have had an impact on me. One person in particular is my lacrosse coach, Jamie Steele. Coach Steele has kept me on the right track throughout my four years, both academically and athletically. He has taken the time out to make sure that I am comfortable on campus and to make my experience at Ursinus special. Another person is Dr. Feairheller. As my research advisor in The HEART Lab, she has taught me many different things that I can take on to grad school and eventually to my profession  as a physical therapist.


Health and Exercise Physiology


Men’s Lacrosse, The HEART Lab, Cub and Key Society, Phi Epsilon Kappa