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Photo of Anabelle Capois
Photo of Anabelle Capois

Anabelle Capois

What do you do now? 

Currently looking for employment, but continue to volunteer with AFS USA

How did your language major help you after UC? 

Majoring in German at UC has given me the confidence to apply for positions, both in the US and internationally, which highlight German speaking abilities as one of the required skills. Were it not for my German major, I would not believe my skills to be advanced enough to apply for such positions.

Being able to find a future place of employment where I can use my German and Spanish speaking skills along with my Business degree is my ultimate goal.

What was your most rewarding experience in your language major? 

Transitioning from high school to college can be challenging for almost everyone, but transitioning just a few weeks after arriving from studying abroad your senior year of high school can be a bit more of a challenge. After spending a year abroad in Saarbrücken, Germany, thanks to the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) scholarship and AFS Intercultural Programs, I am grateful that Ursinus was there to aide me with the challenges I faced when switching from one life altering experience to another.

As a non native speaker, one of my many goals while in college was to continue practicing and improving my German language skills. At Ursinus I was able to do just that; they gave me the confidence to declare a German minor my freshman year and make it a second major my senior year after spending a semester in Germany. This time around it was with American Junior Year in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany. I didn’t believe, but surely hoped, that I would have the wonderful opportunity to visit Germany again. Herr Dr. Clouser and the Center for International Programs at Ursinus believed in my skills enough to make it a possibility.

Today, this born and raised Dominican can proudly say (and put on her resume!) that she is trilingual. A graduate of the class of 2014, with a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics, I plan to pursue a MBA in International Business, in which my language skills will be beneficial. I was able to get glimpse of what my future may hold when I completed my German Capstone on the Euro Crisis; I examined how vital of a role Germany played and how this will continue to impact the European Union in the future. Although it was challenging, specially doing two Capstones in one semester, I truly enjoyed learning more about the country and language that have rightfully gained a place in my heart.


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