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Kelsey Knowles

I choose to study English because it is not just an academic subject to me; it is a passion. It gives me the opportunity to experience other people’s creativity, as well as develop my own. The best thing about an English major is that we are always being challenged to form new ideas, regardless of how old a text may be.


I am working toward being certified to teach, which I hope to accomplish in the near future. The enthusiasm and dedication in both the English and Education departments inspires me daily.


Ursinus is the most interesting place in the world to me. I love that around every corner on campus is another amazing person to meet or another awesome opportunity to get involved. Ursinus genuinely cares about helping students create their identities. Since my college experience started, I have built toward becoming someone I never expected to be, mostly through the activities in which I participate.


I’m privileged to be the Title IX Education Associate, for which I work with administration and student Peer Advocates dedicated to the education and prevention of sexual misconduct and relationship violence on campus, who also act as supporters for students dealing with those related issues. I’m grateful to be a member of the local sorority, Tau Sigma Gamma, as well as to be a part of the Women’s Club Rugby Team. I work on the Lantern literary magazine staff in addition to regularly contributing to it. I have been involved in Ursinus’s musical theater production as well as numerous mentoring organizations–currently Fighting for Ophelia. I have been a member of the Meistersingers throughout my college experience. I’m honored to be able to volunteer with a group of students at Parkhouse Geriatric Center weekly.


The Ursinus community has allowed me to always have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself and has taught me that every experience holds meaningful value.

Class Year



Mount Laurel, NJ


English with a concentration in Education


Creative Writing